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Welcome to KAPAP Lanarkshire School of Self Defence

KAPAP Self Defence is designed to work for all ages male or female, regardless of size, age or level or fitness.


We teach traditional, sport and combatives under a single flag for anyone who wishes to learn and progress with only one major prerequisite: integrity

- Greetings from Master Avi Nardia -

Why do I need to learn self defence skills?

Do whatever it takes to defend yourself to fend off an attacker. You’ve have the right to fight for your life. So be prepared to take action and change the way you think and view your surroundings. Attend our classes on a regular basis and it will greatly reduce the chance of encountering a violent confrontation. Then you will be ready to apply your hands on self defence skills should the unexpected attack happen. KAPAP is different? KAPAP has evolved to match the modern day threats of today. We do not teach traditional martial arts, or teach kata’s or have gradings. We teach principles of self defence and techniques, we also teach the chaos of violent attack so that students are prepared mentally and physically to deal with violence. KAPAP is not sports based self defence or traditional martial art; it is purely for the purpose of self defence. KAPAP self defence is practical self defence, extremely effective self defence, and is easy and fast to learn. It is not expensive to learn the skills needed to defend yourself. At KAPAP Lanarkshire we specialise in teaching a variety of self defence skills in weapons awareness, defending against multiple attackers, edged weapons, improvised weapons and firearms. We can also provide specialist training for companies or individuals. At KAPAP Lanarkshire we do not suggest that you should always fight. There’s no substitute for good judgment. Only you can assess all the options available at the time. The most important thing is remembering that you possess the option to fight, and will have the readiness of heart and presence of mind to back it up. This means becoming physically literate in the strategies of KAPAP self defence. KAPAP is also a great way to get confidence and meet new friends! To find out more about the history of KAPAP and the Avi Nardia Academy visitor our main website

KAPAP for self defence that works

KAPAP Lanarkshire Self defence classes

Classes will cover:

At KAPAP Lanarkshire our self defence training covers a variety of common attacks, defences against, Chokes, Bear Hugs, and Wrist Grabs. How to survive if you are taken to the floor groundwork, defence against the most common attacks on the street.

We have a good mix of male and female students who welcome new students and we use the motto “we train amongst friends”. Should you be an experienced martial artist or a complete novice you are welcome.

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Techniques are re-enforced with continual drilling and practice allowing students to accumulate knowledge of very effective self-protection with no time given to flashy ineffective “Hollywood” moves. This is supplemented with a focus on the fitness needed to protect you and your family in a real life setting. This is achieved through various exercises, drills and sparring. There is a sense team work, questions are encouraged and answered at all times.

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