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Our self defence classes are realistic and most importantly safe, we regular pressure test drills. All instructors are fully insured under the British Combat Association BCA, they are also registered as British Combat self defence instructors.

We train on a tuesday evening at the New Coltness Community Centre. You require no special clothes, just normal gym gear. The only kit you will need to purchase is a pair of boxing gloves, shin and instep protectors
Self defence classes include:

General CQB close quarter battle
Knife defence and awareness drills
Firearms defence drills and handling skills
Street grappling
Physical restraint
Multiple attackers
Understanding UK law

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Techniques are re-enforced with continual drilling and practice allowing students to accumulate knowledge of very effective self-protection with no time given to flashy ineffective “Hollywood” moves. This is supplemented with a focus on the fitness needed to protect you and your family in a real life setting. This is achieved through various exercises, drills and sparring. There is a sense team work, questions are encouraged and answered at all times.

Marty McKerry