First class is FREE

Call: 07506 891085

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

These are the FAQs that we receive on a regular basis, If you have a question and its not listed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or facebook.

When and where?

New Coltness Community Centre, Calderbridge Primary School, Coltness Road, Coltness, Wishaw ML2 7EY
Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm – 9pm

How much is a class?

Classes are only £5 and your first class is for FREE!

Do you allow children to attend your training sessions?

Older teens (14 to 18) are allowed to attend both sessions as long as maturity is shown.

Do you teach woman’s self defence?

We run mixed classes where we encourage women to train with men. So they can gain confidence and not teach them stuff that doesn’t work.

What clothes should I wear?

We advise you not to wear anything fancy. Classes can get physical with cloth grabs so we don’t want to ruin your expensive sports kit. T-shirt, tracks bottoms and trainers will work fine.

Do you have gradings or belts?

No certainly not, this is a Close Quarter Combat system.

Do you do courses or seminars?

Yes from time to time we run seminars, best thing to do is like our Facebook page where you can be kept up-to-date regularly


Techniques are re-enforced with continual drilling and practice allowing students to accumulate knowledge of very effective self-protection with no time given to flashy ineffective “Hollywood” moves. This is supplemented with a focus on the fitness needed to protect you and your family in a real life setting. This is achieved through various exercises, drills and sparring. There is a sense team work, questions are encouraged and answered at all times.

Marty McKerry