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About KAPAP Lanarkshire

KAPAP Lanarkshire is part of the KAPAP UK group under chief self defence instructor Sam Markey.

Gary Higham KAPAP Lanarkshire Chief Instructor

Gary Higham

Is a certified teacher, part of the Avi Nardia Academy.

Gary from KAPAP Lanarkshire is Scotland’s most prominent and exciting KAPAP instructor, he is a KAPAP level 3 instructor and has both trained under and taught alongside Avi Nardia and Sam Markey of the Avi Nardia Academy. Above all, he is very proud to be one of the senior instructors within KAPAP UK.

Along with Gary’s boxing, Krav Maga and BJJ experience Gary continues to practice and study his martial arts journey with his personal development coming under mentors and personal friends Sam Markey and Avi Nardia.

He is also an authorised KAPAP instructor under KAPAP UK (Avi Nardia Academy UK) please visit website


I’ve tried a few martial arts over many years, and if you’re looking for something that works in real situations, this is it. No fancy moves, no chasing belts or expensive grading, just no BS reality based training that covers stand up, close range and ground work.

A friendly class and great teaching from Gary, with regular support from the extended Kapap family. Certainly taught me a lot. Highly recommended. 

Robert Cowan